2016  SYMPOSIUM SCHEDULE - example

PDA Certificates will be given to those who request them after each lecture/workshop.

7:30-8:00am                Registration


8:00-9:00am                Presentation: Hip Labral Injuries

    Dr. Brian J White


9:00-10:00am              Presentation/Workshop: The Spine & Female Athlete Triad

    Dr. Darosa & Dr. Jacobson

10:00-11:00pm            Presentation: Dance Neuroscience

                                     Dr. Sandra Minton


11:00-12:00pm            Presentation: Foot and Ankle 

                                    Peter Marshall, PT

12:15-1:15pm              Presentation: Dynamic Warm Up Ideas

                                    Dr. Emily Becker


1:15-2:15pm                Lunch Break*


2:15-3:45pm                 Presentation: Technique/Alignment/Biomechanics for Dancers

                                     Question & Answer Session

                                     Dr. Emily Becker


3:45-4:00pm                 Break

4:00-6:00pm                  Master Class:  How To Apply the Information from the Day into Ballet Class

                                     Dr. Emily Becker


.*There are many restaurants around DSA in the Park Hill & Stapleton communities