Performance Awards

Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be given in each Age Group Category/Division.  Monetary amounts will be determined  by the numbers of participants.  Judging criteria will be on artistry and application of technique.

Judges Awards

Additional awards will be given by the Judges and will include:

Sandra Minton Medallion

Sandra Minton has made extensive contributions to the field of Dance Education both locally and nationally. She received her PhD in Dance and Related Arts from Texas Woman's University, her BA & MA in Dance from UCLA and is currently the Co-Coordinator of the Dance Education MA program at UNC. She has published several books furthering the field of dance education, injury prevention, and neuroscience in dance. She has and continues to serve on countless boards and donates incredible amounts of her time to further dance education.  She has assisted with the development of the Colorado State Standards and set the precedent for Dance Education MA programs across the country.  It is with great pleasure that we announce this award in her honor for all she has done to contribute to the field of dance through her extensive work in dance education. This award will be given to the dancer who receives the highest score throughout all the competitive levels and will be presented by Ms. Minton herself.

Shreve Award

This award honors Dale and Wendy Shreve. They have been a constant source of support to founder Emily Becker since she was a young dancer, including allowing her to leave home at the age of 14 to train at the Virginia School of the Arts to pursue her passion. Through the years they have supported her transition from a professional ballerina to caring for dancers through her skill set as a physical therapist.  Wendy Shreve was an Advanced Practice Nurse, who was pivotal to changing hospital policy and completing research and progressing the field of nursing while she was practicing.  Dale continues to change the healthcare landscape as the CEO and President of Mental Health Corporations of America.  Emily wouldn't be able to accomplish anything she has to date without the overwhelming sacrifices and support of her parents. This award will be given to the dancer who demonstrates the most promise and commitment to their art form. It will be presented by Emily Shreve Becker.

Williamson Award

This award honors Hadley Williamson. Miss Williamson is an exceptional young dancer who has battled many health conditions in order to get back to doing what she loves and was instrumental in helping establish this competition. This award honors her persistence, dedication, and love for this art form. This award also honors anyone in this field who has overcome and injury or illness to return to their passion and recognizes the hard work on behalf of the dancer and their family, support system to make this achievable. This award will be presented to the dancer who embodies these traits and will be awarded by Miss Williamson.