We have MOVED to Illinois!

We appreciate all of the Colorado medical professionals and members of the dance community who supported RMDIPS over the past nine years.

Denver Dancer's Fund

Ballet Competition


THANK YOU to all who participated in DDFBC. 

Because of you we were able to help a local dance teacher finance a portion of her surgery in July of 2019.



Start the Year ofF sTRONG!

Looking for ways to keep yourself healthy and dancing at an optimum level?

Personalized Workshops



RMDIPS is pleased to offer workshops and/or presentations

  for Dance Studios, Dance Companies/Teams, Poms Teams

or any other organization interested in educating their

staff/faculty/students on injury prevention for dancers. 

Information covered can include:

Injury Prevention

Proper Alignment

Navigating Technical Issues


and the option of

Personal Assessments for each Dancer

CLICK HERE for more information and to schedule!


Thanks to everyone who attended the Rocky Mountain Dance Injury Symposium during the 2012-2016 seasons.